Epic Space: Online is a sci-fi, sandbox, buy to play 2D space MMO with no boundaries for PC, Mac, and Linux. Players in Epic Space: Online can fly forever in any direction thanks to the procedural generation engine, resulting in a literally infinite universe. The premise is simple; conquer and control sectors of space, and use these sectors to generate money, which you can use to purchase starships, weapons, stations, and other equipment, which you can then use to defend your space... or to seek out and conquer more! Your only limits in Epic Space: Online are your funds, your resolve, and the amount of fuel you can carry. You can trade, or pirate, or negotiate... the universe is open before you!

Epic Space: Online Key Features

Infinite Universe - Epic Space: Online takes place in a borderless, procedurally generated universe, where your only limit to where you can go is the amount of fuel you can carry. Explore new sectors and discover new worlds - and conquer and profit from them!

Forge Your Own Path - Players are free to partake of industrial pursuits, such as mining, or they may engage in trade, or diplomacy... or warfare. What you do is up to you!

Deep Crafting System - Hundreds of different craftable items, each of which can be used or sold, as the creator sees fit. Create supply lines and corner the market on important items!