EpicDuel is a free-to-play Browser-based PVP-focused MMO game developed by Atrix Entertainment. In EpicDuel, players enter a futuristic world where they must fight to gain supremacy. The game takes place in the distant planet of Delta V, a place torn by the battle between Legion and the Resistance. In EpicDuel, players must choose between three distinct classes: Mercenary, Bounter Hunter, and Tech Mage.

Plow through enemy players and immerse yourself in the war-filled planet of Delta V. Take part in 1-vs-1 and 2-vs-2 battles through the game's impressive matchmaking system. Purchase and equip new gear as you level up and further strengthen your avatars. Join either the Resistance or the Legion and wreak havoc on your opponents. From there, they must battle their way across the planet, engaging millions of other players in a constant battle for supremacy.

EpicDuel Key Features

Be Yourself - Create a custom character with three distinct classes to choose from. Which path will you choose?

Armed And Dangerous - Purchase powerful gear and customize your character. Winning wars demands top notch gear.

Grow in Power - Learn devastating skills and unleash them on your opponents. The best defense is an outstanding offense!

Choose Your Side - Join the rebellion and fight for the Resistance, or defend order as one of the Legion. Fight for control of the planet!