Era of Celestials is a free to play mobile fantasy MMOARPG set in a world, and it is part of the wave of MMOARPGs sweeping the world. The last bastion of humanity is Celestial City, and it is besieged by the forces of darkness. Humanity's guardians, the Celestials, begin a search for champions to save mankind, and you are one of those champions. Choose your class and set off on a mobile adventure to save the world! Complete quests as you explore, and earn experience while doing so. Face off against powerful bosses and win the spoils they guard. You can even take on other players in the PvP arena. If you like Asian-style MMOs and mobile RPGs, take a look at Era of Celestials.

Era Of Celestials Key Features

Choose Your Class - Select from three different classes and start your adventure. Choose the powerful warrior, the mystical mage, or the lethal archer and set to work saving the world.

Live The Adventure - Explore the world and complete quests, face off against powerful bosses, seek out lost treasures and epic equipment, fight other players in the PvP arena, and become a hero!

Unlock The Power - As you adventure and explore, you can uncover you will have the chance to power-up by unsealing different Celestials. Use their power to transform into an invincible force for humanity!