Erebus 2 is a free to play hack n' slash action MMORPG set in an open, persistent fantasy world reminiscent of the Diablo series of games. Players in Erebus 2 can select from one of four classes - Warrior, Archer, Mage, or Cleric - and hack and slash their way through hordes of monsters in a classic 2D fantasy experience. Players can complete quests for villagers, seek out better gear, and slice, hack, and blast their way through hordes of monsters in fun, fast paced 1 vs many action. Erebus 2 is a true MMORPG, taking place in a vast world populated by players, who you can both team up with to overcome tougher challenges, or fight against in open world PvP!

Erebus 2 Key Features

Fun Hack N Slash Combat - With simple controls, you can play Erebus 2 with just a few clicks of a mouse; click to move, click to loot, click to attack, Erebus 2 lets you relax and concentrate on what's important; killing monsters!

Fully Customizable Characters - Players can allocate skills and stats as they wish, customizing their character to suit their playstyle and tastes. Each class has a wide range of abilities to train, and your character can branch out into different class specializations upon reaching level 100

Randomized Loot - Every item's stats are randomly generated, guaranteeing no 2 item drops are the same! Go forth and seek epic loot!

Modes For All Players - Players can pursue PvE content, completing quests for townspeople, seeking out monsters and treasure, and fighting epic monsters, or they can compete against one another, in guild vs guild or open world PvP!

Note: This game has shut down