Erectus The Game is a free to play strategy MMO with a focus on empire building, based on an alternate version of Earth. Erectus The Game takes place about 130,000 years ago, and centers around the battle between two human species; Homo erectus and Homo sapiens. Both species are fighting for their very survival; as history shows us, only one can inherit the Earth. Players will take control of one of the four Homo sapiens civilizations, and lead their people from a tiny village to wealth and prosperity. You must balance your people's wants and needs, protect them from natural dangers and fight off your enemies; PvE enemies (Homo erectus) and PvP (other players' Homo sapiens civilizations) will both do their all to take whatever they can from you and your people. Do you have the skill and courage to win the ultimate fight for survival?

Erectus The Game Key Features

Four Human Civilizations - Choose from one of four human tribes, depending on your goals and playstyle; will you choose the aggressive and strong Ngane or the technologically advanced Ikari? Every choice has benefits and drawbacks!

Strengthen Your Position - Build your city, train your army, and lead your people to glory and prosperity. You must manage everything from taxes and recreation to troop training and lumber stockpiles; can you grow your tiny village into a sprawling empire?

PvP And PvE Content - Players must be prepared and able to fight off bands of Homo erectus, who have no desire to accept extinction quietly, but also other players' Homo sapiens civilizations as well! Of course, nothing is stopping you from being the aggressor either; will you seek peace, or war?