Eredan iTCG is a free to play fantasy trading card game that lets you build a deck from more than 2,000 different cards and try your skill and luck by battling against more than 2 million opponents worldwide! If you can learn to master the cards, you can become the most powerful warrior of Guem lands! Will loads of options for cards, deckbuilding, and specialties, every player can suit to their playstyle! Join one of nine distinct guilds and help your team win fame and glory. Eredan iTCG awaits; are you up to this challenge?

Eredan iTCG Key Features

Deep CCG Strategy - You must account for both the randomness of CCGs as well as the vast numbers of different cards that exist. Can you develop a deck, and a strategy, which is both powerful and consistent?

Play With Millions - Eredan iTCG is enjoyed by more than 2 million players, all over the world. Meet and challenge people from the other side of the earth, as well as your own friends!

Thousands of Cards - More than 2,000 cards keep gameplay unpredictable. Can you collect them all, and more importantly, can you respond to them all in a match? Your knowledge of the cards is the difference between a win and a loss!