Escape from Tarkov is a buy to play, hardcore, massively multiplayer online survival game and shooter with MMORPG elements from Battlestate Games. Players in Escape from Tarkov must survive in the war torn city of Tarkov, a fictional city in a special trade zone between Russia and Europe. Players take on the role of a mercenary who was stationed in the city when the chaos broke out, and they must now survive in this sprawling metropolis with no communication with the outside world, no supplies, no support; you must stay healthy, stay hydrated, and stay ready to fight the dangers which can appear from anywhere, at anytime! Can you overcome the odds and Escape from Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov Key Features

Hyperrealistic Combat - With smooth controls and transitions between stances or positions, weapons which behave exactly like real-world counterparts - including malfunctioning - and a dynamic injury and health system which requires players to be mindful of everything from hydration to blood pressure to exhaustion, Escape from Tarkov provides intensely immersive gameplay you must experience to believe!

Hardcore Gameplay - If you die, you will lose your items; prepare for the worst with backup kits, secure containers, and insurance. Your weapons and gear demand maintenance; treat them well and you might make it through alive! In addition to the obvious gear like weapons and armor, you must also make room in your limited inventory for water purification, rations, and medical supplies. Other players can be your greatest friends and allies... or they can shoot you in the back without warning. Beware!

Character Development - Train over 100 skills simply by using them, trade and barter with other players, sell and modify weapons and other gear, and more! Escape from Tarkov offers many options for gameplay and development, both in and out of combat. Remember: you must survive not only other players, but extremely aggressive computer generated civilian scavengers, or SCAVs, who want nothing better than to kill you and take your stuff.

True Buy To Play - Escape from Tarkov is NOT a "free to play" project; players pay once and play forever. No microtransactions or pay to win mechanics here!

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