Escaria is a free to play strategy game with some very unique twists on the genre. In the world of Escaria you play as a movable Island, which serves as the base of operations for your forces. To get ahead in the game, it is essential to explore the Ocean Map. You will find Island springs enabling you to expand your Island, Trading Posts which you can trade with and provide protection from your enemies, NPC's that provide valuable resources, and other players to interact with. Choose from Vikings, Romans, or Aztecs, and get ready to sail your island to victory!

So you've always wanted to own and pilot an Island? The free online strategy game "Escaria" finally gives you that chance. Dive into the world of Escaria and become the master of your own Island. Build your Island just the way you want and steer it through Escaria's high seas and into a glorious future. Whether you do it alone or together with Guild, the best strategy will be shown clearly in the end. Conquer, research, expand, and trade on the merciless expanses of the ocean. Peaceful development or bitter war, in a Guild or alone - the fate of your nation is in your hands. What are you still waiting for? Dive into the world of Escaria and lead your Island to its glorious destiny!

Escaria Key Features

Choose Your Forces - Take your pick from the Romans, the Vikings, or the Aztecs, and lead them to glory and prosperity. Each force offers unique upgrades and abilities, so choose wisely.

Design Your Island - Upgrading your Island is essential for your glorious future. To expand your Island you need flat land tiles and mountain tiles, which you recieve twice daily at an Island Spring. How you upgrade you Island is up to you - here there are no boundaries!

Manage The Economy - A flourishing economy is essential to a strong island. Manage your resources, your storage, and other aspects to maximize your income.

Set Sail For Adventure - From battling krakens to fighting off pirates to making alliances with trading nations, you can leave your day to day behind and set sail for exctement!