Eterlands is an action packed fantasy MOBA game for the PC with an advanced combat system, a destructible environment, and amazingly realistic graphics. It offers you a well thought through, clearly defined and well balanced gaming environment, with emphasis on social elements as well as true to type, fair and easy to follow structure. Eterlands would cherish elements offered by the popular predecessors like League of Legends and DOTA but also widening the palette with unique features never seen before. Eterlands is pushing boundaries as far as it is possible to give you the most realistic and enjoyable gameplay. Step into the shoes of an Eternal and fight for glory!

NOTE: Development on Eterlands has halted and the game's site is offline.

Eterlands Key Features

Realistic Setting - From beautiful graphics to changing weather patterns to a real day and night cycle, Eterlands offers an immersive game experience.

Destructible Environment - A fully destructible environment is waiting for you. You can destroy the walls, the towers, the trees and even the ground you are walking on. All of these are permanent changes in the game. Breaking a dam to flood parts of the map with which you can slow down your enemies; use this to your advantage.

Realistic Combat System - Imagine a game where a huge punch can really break bones leaving no chance to survive, where a superhot magic plasma annihilates everything it touches. Arrows have real deadly wounds if they hit flesh. You always have to be very cautious because life and death is only separated by one wrong decision.

Unique Character Build - Make your character stronger by leveling, and taking advantage of the different skill trees for every character. Make the deadliest and strongest abilities even more powerful. With tons of customization possibilities, there are no two builds alike, so forget the one build per character. Collect items and sets for your eternal which they can carry with them on the battlefield!
Even more!

Rank System - Learn, evolve, join a clan, get higher and higher ranks, and become a squad leader. Based on how much you played and how many battles you won, you get ranks which could lead to other players asking you to become their squad lead using theory in practice. To become a real leader you have to fight many battles and work hard for your well deserved rankings.

Social Focused Gameplay - You need to be a real teamplayer to survive on the battleground. This is a team game. A team game about community. Even the greatest heroes fall in no time without a good team. Imagine a game where people are waiting to help you, to encourage you, to teach you in order to be successful and join their teams.