Eternal is a free to play CCG for mobile and Steam, set in a science fiction setting where the Wild West meets high fantasy and sorcery. Eternal's free to play model is extremely generous to F2P players, offering loads of ways to earn cards and in game currency. Players will construct a deck of colorful cards from an ever expanding pool, and then test their decks in numerous PvE and PvP game formats. Mechanics are similar to Hearthstone, but also add a resource mechanic akin to Magic, yet unique in noteable ways. Battles are lightning fast and the gameplay is approachable for all. Get your six shooter and your spellbook ready, and get into the fight for the Eternal Throne!

Eternal Key Features

True Free To Play - Every card, every game mode, every feature can be earned or unlocked without ever paying a dime. Eternal is not only free to play, it's free to win.

Science And Sorcery - The Wild West and swords and sorcery meet, to deliver a unique storyline and setting. You can destroy your enemies with guns, spells, swords, and more!

Growing Game - With regular releases of new cards and content, Eternal grows and evolves over time. Gameplay never becomes static or solved.

Play Your Way - You can fight against an intelligent AI that sports dozens of different decks, crafted by some of the best CCG designers in the world. Or, you can enter the arena and face off against other players.