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Eternal Dream
  • Eternal Dream

Eternal Dream

Eternal Dream is a free to play fantasy open world browser MMORPG which combines many elements to bring players a unique game experience. In Eternal Dream, you step into the shoes of a Warrior, Mage, or Hunter and challenge deadly bosses, explore forgotten dungeons, and gain fame and honor through your adventures. Develop your skills as you take part in the real-time combat, and do your best to restore peace to this troubled land! Explore a huge fantasy world filled with wilderness to explore, enemies to overcome, and adventures to experience. They need a hero, and they have cookies!

Eternal Dream Key Features

Create And Advance – Create and customize your hero, and then sharpen your skills, improve your gear, and get mounts and pets to summon which can assist you on your adventures!

Explore Epic Places – Delve into twisting dungeons to challenge fearsome boss monsters and win fame and fortune, and pass the trials of the Hero Temple

Craft Your Own Gear – The crafting system allows you to create what you need, and to combine lower level items into more powerful versions!

Fight For Honor – The PvP system offers challenges for all; you can fight the whole world, or select an elite team and seek a champion.

Many Enter, One Leaves – Fight unlimited enemy guilds in the Blood Shrine until only the strongest remains standing!

Liberate Your Hand – A unique automation system frees you from repetitive hand motions.


Eternal Dream

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Eternal Dream Gift Pack Giveaway

Eternal Dream Gift Pack Giveaway

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