Eternal Lands is a free to play fantasy MMORPG for Windows, Linux, and OSX that stays true to the principles of older generation role-playing games. Unlike many modern MMORPGs, which focus solely on content progression, Eternal Lands offers a world that, while perhaps graphically dated, is rich in community engagement, role-playing and traditional gameplay. From fighting to crafting to exploring to simply hanging around and chatting with friends, Eternal Lands provides an approachable MMORPG for all. Eternal Lands has been running since 2003; come see for yourself why!

Eternal Lands Key Features

No Class Restrictions - There are no fixed class restrictions; you, as a player, determine exactly how you develop your character. There are 12 skills in the game: Attack, Defense, Harvest, Alchemy, Magic, Potion, Summoning, Manufacturing, Crafting, Engineering, Tailoring and Ranging.

Fighting - You can fight monsters and other players, hunt animals, or join with a group of friends and take them on together!

Harvest & Manufacture - Mine ores that you turn into bars of iron, steel, titanium and make various armor and weapons. Or pick flowers and herbs that you mix together to create potions or magical essences.

Summoning & Magic - Summon an animal or monster to follow and fight for you! Or Become a Mage and cast deadly spells on opponents, or heal your companions.

Roleplay With Friends - There's always someone new to talk to, global or private channels, guilds to join, places to explore, all with an easy to use chat interface.