Eternal Saga is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG from R2Games. Make friends, join in epic PvP battles, and become a hero in the world of Eternal Saga! You can pick one of the three factions: Umbra, Luma or Astra. There are three classes: Warrior, Hunter and Mage. As you upgrade your equipment, you can use your old gear for cash or to upgrade your mount. Eternal Saga has a convenient AFK system which lets you be constantly busy in the game, while you are not scouting out dungeons, fishing, playing PvP in arenas, and Legion Wars.

Eternal Saga Key Features

Choose Your Path - Select your faction, choose your class, and you're off! Whatever you choose, it will have a significant impact on the game and your experiences. Which road will you choose?

Get The Gear - Upgrade your gear with loot from quests and missions. Saving the world isn't easy; you'll need the best weapons and armor you can find!

Mounts and Pets - Upgrade your mount and cover ground in style. You can also collect, trade, train, and even morph loads of different pets, so you never need to travel alone!

AFK System - Eternal Saga includes an AFK system so you can continue earning experience, even while AFK! This makes it a great game to run in the background while doing other tasks.