Euotopia is a retro 2D fantasy MMORPG inspired by classic fantasy games like Diablo, the Ultima series, the old SSI Gold Box AD&D games, and the like. Euotopia lies somewhere between the realms of action RPGs, MMORPGs, MUDs and Roguelikes, drawing inspiration from all of them. It began as a multiplayer roguelike, morphed into a multiplayer Ultima-like, and 10 years later is now a fully fledged virtual world with its own rich history! If you enjoy old school tile based 2D action filled with dungeons to crawl, monsters to fight, solo and multiplayer play in PvP or PvE, and loads of ways to die, Euotopia is the MMORPG for you.

Euotopia Key Features

Old-School Dungeon Crawling - If you love tile-based 2D dungeon crawlers alone or in a group, you're in luck. A sharp sword and powerful spells are all a good explorer needs! You can even play on permadeath servers, if you dare.

PvP For Those Who Seek It - If you like player vs player combat, you can indulge. From simple duels to all out PvP tournaments, you can test your skill against other players anytime.

Adventure And Treasure - Take on more than 100 different quests, each with untold dangers and hidden rewards. Collect all sorts of loot, from the mundane to the magical.

A Real MMORPG - Euotopia features everything players could desire from an MMORPG; player housing, crafting, pets, social activities, multiplayer play, and above all, an outstanding community!