EVE Online is a Sci-Fi sandbox MMORPG set tens of thousands of years in the future. Boasting the largest online virtual universe ever created, you will explore New Eden - a Galaxy comprised of more than 7,500 solar systems - adopting the role of an immortal Capsuleer and be asked to make your own decisions about who you want to be, and how you want to get there. Define your own adventure; fight for glory in the military, create fleets through mining and industry, claim fortunes on the marketplace in the field of business, discover lost pockets of space as an explorer or abandon civilization or live by your own rules as a pirate. Known as the most complex MMO of all time, you will truly be tested in this harsh online universe. Are you ready to take on the harshest MMORPG of all time?

EVE Online Key Features

Legendary Battles - From 1 vs 1 fights in asteroid belts to huge battles with thousands of players on a side, EVE Online is all about conflict! You can attack other players - or be attacked - anytime, anywhere; some space is safer than other regions, but nowhere is truly safe.

Wide range of Ships - Choose from hundreds of different ship types, from small frigates and speedy interceptors to massive titans and supercarriers! The largest ships require huge support fleets to work well, but bring amazing power to a battle.

Discover The Universe - The world of EVE Online is vast, and has no end of places to go and things to do. As you visit the vast range of star systems, make sure to stop and just look around once in a while; EVE Online is simply a beautiful game.

Massive Player Controlled World - From manipulating the market, to controlling vast stretches of space, to simply taking what you can from other players the world over, EVE Online is a player run game. The economy, the politics, the power blocs... all are controlled by players.