Ever, Jane is a MMORPG set in the world of Regency-Era England and the works of Jane Austen, where maneuvering through high society is as complex as maneuvering on any battlefield. Players must wield weapons like gossip and popularity. In Ever, Jane, the stakes are not kill or be killed, but invite or be invited. Grand ballrooms replace dark caverns and forbidding ruins, and dinner parties replace raid groups, where the right outfit is far more important than the right armor. Can you work your way through the cutthroat world of high-society England? What are you willing to do to achieve status and respect? Forget dungeons and machine guns; high society is far more dangerous!

Ever, Jane Key Features

Attributes, or Sense And Sensibility - Just because Ever, Jane has focus on social interactions and not combat does not mean that attributes are unimportant! Stats like Kindness, Duty, and Status impact how your character approaches situations, and how they might best overcome obstacles or one-up rivals.

Relationships, or Pride And Prejudice - Ever, Jane is a social game, first and foremost. The focus of the game is on role-playing and social interaction. Create a character and tell their story through interactions with your fellow players. Together, you will help each other tell stories. Who will like you, who will hate you, who will drive you? A system alerts a player whose character is being spoken about too often, and a clever individual might trace such gossip back to the source!

Beautiful Places, Fantastic People - The game takes place in Tyrhampton, a fictional place full of rustic cottages and cozy parlours, of mansions and abbeys and hidden parks; this is the stage in Ever, Jane, and the characters play the starring roles, growing and maturing from simple backgrounds and names into vivid, interesting people.