EverEmber Online, also known as EverEmber Classic, is a free to play fantasy sandbox MMORPG which has no linear questlines or objectives, with a focus on delivering a similar exploration, trial and error based game experience akin to classic MMORPGs of the late 1990s and early 2000s, such as Runescape or Ultima Online. Players in EverEmber Online are free to travel and explore, overcome enemies, and meet and play with - or against - other players. The vast open world is available to players at any level; if you want to explore a new island, or cavern, or forest, you simply go and do so! From simply forming parties with other players, to PvP, to forming guilds with your friends, to the massive player run economy, EverEmber Online is truly a massively multiplayer game. Explore. Encounter. Experience. Enjoy!

NOTE: EverEmber Online is still running, but further development has been halted. Its successor, EverEmber Reborn, can be found here.

EverEmber Online Key Features

Large Sandbox World - A massive, completely open, easy to navigate world with no level restrictions or other barriers; if you want to go explore a region, you simply do so! The game is open as well, meaning players are free to do as they wish, when they wish!

Open And Instanced PvP - in EverEmber Online, many parts of the game world have open PvP; while these regions are naturally very dangerous, they also offer extremely enticing rewards! Players drop loot upon death, adding to the intensity, but player killers will be marked as criminals, making access to certain areas impossible! Instanced PvP also exists, for guilds and clans to settle grudges and disputes.

No Character Restrictions - Characters in EverEmber Online can fight in melee or ranged combat, or they can use magic! Character can even switch classes anytime you wish; there are no class restrictions!

No Pay To Win - EverEmber Online is a true free to play game, with no golden ammo or Pay To Win mechanics!