EverEmber Reborn is a sandbox action and fantasy MMORPG without boundaries; you form your own adventure based on your own choices. You are free to travel around, explore, fight, meet new people, progress through the ranks, and eventually conquer Ember Castle for yourself. With a vivid player-based economy that thrives on player-made items and a deep crafting system, interaction between players is vital. EverEmber Reborn has none of the grinding that has become a hallmark of most MMORPGs. Instead you leap into the game and set off! Prepare yourself for hardcore death experiences, human interaction, and trial and error based game play. If you are searching for a hardcore openworld action MMO experience similar to that of Runescape/Ultima online/Skyrim, then this is your type of game!

NOTE: The profile for EverEmber Online, the predecessor to EverEmber Reborn, can be found here.

EverEmber Reborn Key Features

Sandbox World - You are totally free to do whatever you wish, from adventuring to crafting to killing other players. Form a guild, team up with friends, and conquer a castle. Role play and explore the world. Manipulate the market. It's all up to you.

Skill-Based Characters - EverEmber Reborn is free from classes and class restraints. You can design the character you desire simply by doing what you desire. If you like crafting, craft; if you like pvp, fight other players.

Open World PvP - Players can choose to slaughter others for their belongings, but they risk being branded as outlaws. Being branded an outlaw means that you're banned from entering cities and towns. Criminals beware; bounty hunters are free to hunt you down for a fat reward!