EverQuest II is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment. Everquest II is the sequel to Everquest, one of the most successful MMORPGs of all time! Return to the vast fantasy realm of Norrath and explore, fight, craft, wage wars, and much more. All of your old favorites return, along with new races, new challenges, new quests, and a ton of new content, all contained in an engine with better graphics and faster load times. Set 500 years after the original Everquest, the world of Norrath is scarred, torn by cataclysm, wars, and famine. Can you bring light to the dark corners of the world?

Everquest II Key Features

Diverse Races - From the familiar races like humans and wood elves, to the exotic new races like the Arasi, the Kerra, and the Fae, Everquest II provides even more choices for background and appearance!

Myriad Classes - Choose your class based on your playstyle or simply the sort of character you may want to portray. From powerful warriors to healing priests to mystical sorcerers to intrepid archers, you can be who you want to be!

Return to Norrath - The world is still vast, but very different from what players in Everquest may remember. The world has changed, evolved, and offers new challenges to face and regions to explore.

Play Together - From joining player guilds and competing in PvP, to working together to craft items or defeat the toughest bosses, Everquest II is a social game with a great community. While you can adventure and explore alone, such journeys are better with friends!