Evilbane is a free to play mobile hack and slash action RPG, designed by Netmarble Games for iOS and Android devices. Evilbane is a new type of hack and slash RPG, with breathtaking 3D graphics and swipe and slash based combat in a huge world full of treasures to unearth and challenges to overcome. The power of the mysterious Heavenstones, once painstakingly hidden from the eyes of humanity by ancient sages, has returned, and with it, the capacity for mortal humans to wield immense power. Take control of one of three mighty heroes - Luke, Khara, or Vango - and embark on your adventure, and do it all from the convenience of your mobile device!

Evilbane Key Features

Different Paths - How you play your character will determine the path they ultimately evolve in; Khara the elf, for example, can follow many routes, from Moon Elf to Guardian. Each character has multiple paths they can follow.

Extensive Armory - Customize your character with a beautiful and useful array of weapons and armour; over 300 different items allow lots of choices to fit the task at hand

Fast Paced Combat - Fun gameplay and simple controls let you concentrate on the action! An assortment of powerful skills give you many tools to use against your foes

PvE Content - Evilbane is well stocked with challenging raids and forbidding dungeons, waiting to challenge you and your teammates. Overcome the obstacles and win the prizes!

PvP Content - From fighting alone in the arena to guild vs guild battles, Evilbane offers plenty of opportunities to test your mettle against your fellow players.