Evony: Age II is a Free to Play Strategy Game (MMORTS), and one of the most popular games of its type in the world. You are given complete control over your own kingdom, with the freedom to attack enemy cities and rival players, form alliances and complete hundreds of quests. Evony has recently entered 'Age II', an expansion update that not only added tonnes of new content, but also gave Evony a graphical overhaul with a new user interface and hundreds of new in-game units and buildings. Join the game enjoyed by more than 18 million players worldwide. Evony: Age II is a free browser game and takes only 5 minutes to learn, and is extremely fun; what have you got to lose?

Evony: Age II Key Features

From City To Empire - Take your kingdom from the smallest beginnings to the grandest heights. Can you go from a small town to a mighty kingdom? Or will your enemies take your lands?

Capture Enemy Territory - You must expand your kingdom, as well as defend your own holdings, if you wish to attain greatness. Be ready to fight!

Worldwide Popularity - Evony: Age II is enjoyed by people all over the world; no matter the time of day, there's always loads of people playing!

Play Free In Your Browser - With no download or install required, Evony: Age II is a great game to play for people with limited times or lots of tasks at hand.