Exidium Corp is an open world sci-fi sandbox with an emphasis on exploration, building, and PvP combat. Set in a future where mankind has stepped into the stars with an eye on colonization and profit, and you have come along for the ride. Explore the surface of hostile planets in your hovercraft, prospect for resources and set up harvesters, and build your tiny colony into a thriving settlement, but beware; other players may attack you anywhere outside of a town's safe zone. Do you have the drive, the desire, and the guts to brave hostile radiation and marauding pirates, and seek out fame and fortune?

Exidium Corp Key Features

Explore The Land - Roam about in your hovercraft and explore the surface of strange worlds, braving hazards of all sorts. Harvest resources to use or to sell, and make a fortune!

Kill Or Be Killed - Anywhere outside of designated safe zones around Town Halls, players may freely attack one another. This is no place for the weak or soft-hearted!

Upgrade - From your settlement to your hovercraft, upgrading is the secret to success. Upgrades will help you fight more effectively, resist hostile environments, and much more!

Claim What You Can - You are free to attack other player's structures, removing them as competitors and gaining from their loss.