Exile Online is a free to play sandbox cyberpunk MMORPG set in the far future, in a dark and gritty world where mankind struggles to survive the constant political and social turmoil and upheaval. Exile Online draws inspiration from all across the cyberpunk genre, from sources like Akira, Judge Dredd, Bladerunner, Total Recall, Deus Ex, and many more. Exile is a true sandbox experience, and players are free to do everything from simply struggle to survive, to shaping the direction of the world around them. In a world where fighting and subterfuge are the norm, and not the exception, only the quick, the crafty, and the ruthless have a chance to survive; can you overcome the odds and carve a place for yourself in the world of Exile Online? Or will you become just another statistic, crushed mercilessly and thrown aside by the corrupt bureaucracies and megacorporations that rule Erebus?

Exile Online Key Features

Sandbox Cyberpunk World - Run missions and complete tasks for warring megacorporations and factions, trick yourself out with the best in cybornetic implants and upgrades, and scour the Cybernet for any piece of dirt or data you can profit from. Enter this open, dark and gritty world, get an apartment to base from, and start making your way. Will you be a creator or a destroyer, a saint or a despot?

Skill Based Character Creation - There are active skills, which represent things a character can do actively to cause effects - and which must be used in combat to improve - and learning skills, skills which the character simply trains and studies over a set period of time. Which skills will you prioritize? From crafting to fighting to sneaking around unseen, you can learn to do virtually anything you can dream of.

Social, Living World - Join a clan, run missions, and build reputation. Complete PvE or PvP content as you desire; the greater the risks, of course, the greater the rewards! You can try to manipulate the fully player controlled market, make alliances with other clans, or simply strike off on your own, taking what you can, when you can!