Extopia is a first person Battle Royale shooter featuring PvE and PvP gameplay, further enhanced by the introduction of a powerful level and item editor. The year is 20XX, and the world as you knew it is gone. Now, mankind dwells in "The Oasis", a would be paradise were it not for the rival factions fighting for control of it. You, the player, are a new recruit entering the Oasis to make a name for yourself. Now you must make a name for yourself and choose which side to ally with, all without making too many enemies. With PvP, and PvE modes, so much customization, and simply fun gameplay, Extopia offers gameplay for every shooter fan.

Extopia Key Features

Customize Your Character - You can freely change virtually everything about your character, from their gender to all their traits through the use of sliders. No two characters need ever look the same.

Choose Your Side - You must ally with one of the factions fighting over the Oasis. Lion's League, Aqua Corps, Lotus Sector, and Serpent Labs are all fighting for control of trade, military supremacy, and more. Who will you choose?

Create Nearly Anything - You can create custom weapon skins to 8x8 km battle royale zones! The editing tools are potent yet easy to use, allowing every player to create and modify things to their tastes.

Plenty Of Modes - Compete against other players in PvP, or work together to conquer challenging missions against AI controlled monsters. You can even enter a Battle Royale mode where you can modify the terrain to your advantage!