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F1 Manager

F1 Manager is a free to play simulation game which enables you to be the boss of your own F1 racing team! Welcome to F1 Manager; now start your engines and prepare for the action! Follow the season from the boss’s chair and pick the right drivers, chassis and engine that will lead your team to victory. Play against everybody or create subleagues to compete with your friends. Tune your car, hire the best team, and prepare for the toughest races. Race against friends or against people from all around the planet; there’s always plenty to do! F1 Manager is the best way to experience F1 racing that doesn’t involve buying a team and looking for sponsors!

F1 Manager Key Features

Team Management – Assemble your own team and configure it throughout the season. Sit in the the boss’ chair and pick the right drivers, chassis and engine that will lead your team to victory!

Personal Or Worldwide Leagues – You can create a private league and race against your friends, or you can get into the race with players from all over the world!

Management Dashboard – Manage your team, races, and leagues all from a simple central dashboard. All the decisions are at your fingertips; will you lead your team to the checkered flag?



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