Faeria is a unique multiplatform, crossplatform mix of strategy-intensive collectible card game and living boardgame. Players have the ability to direct the shape of the board, which gives them a phenomenal amount of strategic options. Due to the unique board-shaping mechanic, every game of Faeria is new and dynamic, offering exciting challenges and strategic opportunities. The fantastic world of Faeria is both breathtaking and immersive, and everything from the graphics and the music to the artwork and interface has been designed to put players at ease during a match. Make no mistake; Faeria is as competitive as it is beautiful, with integrated tournaments and rankings, and even an observer mode, so players can watch one another's matches! Do you have the skill and creativity to master the changing and mysterious board?

Faeria Key Features

Multiplatform And Crossplatform - Start a game on your PC, but finish it on your mobile device! For Windows, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android!

True Strategy Card Game - Faeria is, first and foremost, a card game which features four main colors; Humans, Forests, Mountains, and Deserts and Lakes. Each brings unique strategic and tactical elements and opportunities to the game.

Living Board - Players shape the board with lands, and in doing so, create unique and exciting landscapes and options. No two games will ever play the same!

Pleasantly Fast Paced - Faeria has been designed so that every turn a player has is rewarding, no matter the cards they're able to play. On average, a game lasts about 11 minutes and offers lots of challenges and surprises!

eSports Ready - With an integrated tournament circuit and spectator mode, the game has been designed with an eye to competitive play. How far up the ranks can you climb?