Fallen Sword is a massively multiplayer role playing game set in the exciting and evolving world of Erildath. Players enter the world and explore, adventure across a vast number of realms with thousands of other players. Fallen Sword is a great game to play on your own or with friends. It has an old school MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) feel to it, with a great combat system. Slice your way through the many dungeons and group with your friends to defeat Legendary creatures.

Fallen Sword Game Features:

Huge World - Over a thousand levels worth of content, realms and creatures. Explore, fight, quest, and discover this vast world.

Rapid Gameplay - State of the art HTML5 canvas game play. Be quick or be dead.

Character Freedom - A vast array of skills and abilities for your character. You can design exactly the adventurer you want.

Collect Them All - Thousands of items and quests to collect. Will you try to complete every quest?

Play Now - Free to play with no downloads, no contracts. Play from anywhere!

In-Game Economy - Trading and auction systems allow you to trade and profit from rare items!

Active Community - An active and dynamic community of thousands of other players.

Frequent Updates - Regular updates and improvements, and lots of community events!