Fallen Titans is a futuristic fantasy browser-based brawler where you take control of a powerful titan and battle to be the best. Take your pick of five different titans and then fight for gold, glory, and the thrill of the brawl. As you fight, you'll earn resources and coins which can be used to upgrade your titan's skills, which will improve your combat strength. Fallen Titans offers a variety of PvP and PvE modes for clans and solo players, so you'll always be able to find the match you're seeking.

Fallen Titans Key Features

No Pay To Win - You can be competitive throughout the game without ever spending a dime; no pay to win mechanics are found within Fallen Titans. Anything a paying player can do, a free to play player can do.

Progress And Overcome - The tougher your titan becomes, the stronger the enemies you can face become. As you advance, you will unlock new planets to visit, which feature new and powerful NPCs to fight! You can even earn achievements which provide further rewards.

Many Modes - Various battle modes await the player; Player vs Player, Player vs. NPC, Player vs. Boss, and Clan vs. Boss. Being a member of a clan provides some useful boosts, and allows you to team up for the toughest foes.