Bethesda's super franchise, Fallout, surprised the world with its MMO-style offering. The surprise was not well received, and after a launch notoriously riddled with bugs, controversies, and complaints, Fallout 76 has been gradually improving through a series of updates and patches.

Set in the fresh wastes of West Virginia, the events of Fallout 76 take place just twenty years after nuclear apocalypse. Players are tasked with rebuilding the ruinous wastes, though exploring them will be challenge enough - the map of Fallout 76 is a full four times larger than the next largest game in the franchise, Fallout 4.

Available across platforms on PC, PlayStation 4, and XBox One, the action-RPG now has several playable modes. The original mode, which has now been renamed "Adventure Mode" as well as "Survival Mode" (featuring permanently on PvP and PK leaderboards) as well as Nuclear Winter (a battle-royale mode).

Fallout 76 Key Features

Online Sandpark - Fallout 76 is an online-only experience, granting players the long-desired ability to explore the radioactive wastes with friends. The Fallout games are renown for their hidden secrets, and Fallout 76 has plenty.

Frightful Foes - As well as the return of many fearsome creatures from the offline games, yes - deathclaws, 76 introduced an eclectic array of imaginative new radiation-beset beasts never before seen in the franchise, including giant sloths and a new race, The Scorched.

Regular Events - Bethesda are trying to create a dedicated Fallout 76 community via the regular running of events, such as sinister Halloween events and regular S.C.O.R.E. weekends.

Custom Worlds - In addition to the rotating series of Public-Worlds hand-created by the official devs, Custom Worlds allow for high-level personalization of Private Servers. Fallout 1st members have access to tools to create rich sandbox worlds for their friends or nemeses to explore.