Fangold is a free to play, multi platform online collectible card game, set in the same fantasy realm as the popular MMORPG Land of Britain! Players depend on strategy and quick thinking - and a lucky draw doesn't hurt - to win matches and fortune. In Fangold, the players will create a deck based on the skills of 6 heroes for each realm and on their skills at wielding the five elements; air, light, earth, fire, and water. Each skill can be enhanced by gaining experience, thus the more you play, the stronger skills - and deck - become. Fangold introduces an approachable way for new players to become acquainted with Land of Britain with a card game that is fast paced, fun for all, and easy to learn.

Fangold Key Features

Choose A Class - Fangold features the same playable classes as the predecessor game, Land of Britain, such as the Warrior, the Magician, and the Curator.

Craft Your Own Cards - Players can delete unwanted cards in exchange for materials used to craft new cards that they do want!

Build Your Deck - Players can purchase new cards either with in-game gold or real currency via the game's cash shop.

Diverse Game Modes - Play in matches against friends, or in multiplayer PVE modes like Dungeon's Quest which might reward you with powerful new cards, gold, and more!