Fantasy Tales Online is a retro MMORPG where you must form parties, collect gear, fight through dungeons and defeat bosses. Featuring puzzles, a rich item system and complex encounter this isn’t your run-of-the-mill grindfest MMO title! Fantasy Tales Online is a free cross-platform MMORPG. The game's mission is to provide great gameplay to all three major platforms (Win, Mac, Linux). Explore, fight, craft, and train, all while playing a fantasy MMORPG that delivers a game experience you'll love.

Fantasy Tales Online Key Features

Build Your Character - Pick who you want to become. Choose between thousand of customization options for your character.

Raid Epic Dungeons - Explore forgotten dungeons full of monsters and traps, mysteries, bosses, and loot!

Build Your Own Home - Join your local player town. Collect blocks and objects to place in your home. Band with friends and upgrade to a guild house as the base of your operations. Elect your town major and contribute to it success by defending it and going on the offensive!

Explore A Massive World - Start in the town of Bluevale where you must prove yourself before working your way to the large dungeons. Find all the hidden treasures, fight through the Cauldron sewers and explore the southern desert!

Unleash Your Powers - Stun, obliterate, vanish with your characters' unique abilities. Use them strategically to turn the battle in your favor.

Free To Play - Enjoy the game without paying, and if you want to support the development team purchase something from our Cash Shop that does not supply any competitive advantage.

Myriad Enemies - Fight unique creatures and take down epic bosses. Employ strategy and party up with your friends. You will be rewarded for your efforts.