Fantasy War Tactics R is a free to play grid-based tactical RPG for mobile devices with grand-scale combat, fierce legendary monster battles, special events, and more! Take control of more than 50 different warriors and lead them across this wild and wonderful world. You are a young and ambitious lord, who dares to challenge other lords for power and prestige, but even a lord needs help. Recruit powerful heroes to help your cause, train them, and build an army capable of overcoming all obstacles. Then lead your army afield, delving dungeons and facing off against powerful bosses for epic rewards. If all goes well, if you are brave and wise, one day you might rule the world!

Fantasy War Tactics R Key Features

Collect And Build An Army - Collect more than 50 different heroes from across the world as you adventure and explore. Assemble an army of these heroes to conquer the world!

Loads Of Modes - From challenge modes to PvP duel modes to exploring the depths of your heroes' DNA, you'll never run out of things to do in Fantasy War Tactics R.

Immense World - The world of Fantasy War Tactics R spans 12 massive regions, and includes more than 180 different dungeons to explore!

Get The Gear - Power up your heroes by giving them the best equipment and gear. The harder the challenges you face, the more impressive the potential rewards.