Released all the way back in 2001, Fantasy Westward Journey remains exceptionally popular despite the fact 20 years have passed since its first release. It is a Chinese MMORPG from NetEase games with a player-base of hundreds of millions.

Fantasy Westward Journey has many similarities to Westward Journey Online 2, another MMORPG released around the same time that was also based on a 16th century Chinese novel named Journey to the West. This rich backdrop gives substance to the narrative in a subgenre where storytelling often takes second place. Despite being built on the same engine, Fantasy Westward Journey takes a very different animation approach.

Fantasy Westward Journey is one of the most high-grossing games of all times - grossing an estimated $6.5 billion in lifetime revenue as of 2019.

Key Features of Fantasy Westward Journey

Unique Mechanics - Despite being early stars of the MMORPG scene, both Westward Journey Online 2 and Fantasy Westward Journey introduced some unique and interesting mechanics. One is the ability to marry, have children, and then put them to work in your shops. (You can also auction them off to the highest bidder if you're not the family type.)

Mobile Version - A mobile version, Fantasy Westward Journey 3D, was released in 2015 and achieved its own staggering success. It pulled in $800 million in China alone in 2016. The following year, it grossed $1.5 billion worldwide.

Turn-based Combat - While the mobile version switches to an action-RPG format, the original PC games rely on turn-based team combat - great for maximizing strategy while enjoying your gaming at a leisurely pace.