Fantasy World is a free to play 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG from indie developer Firith Studio full of monsters, adventure, and cool hats! Join the adventure and meet new players from all around the world! Face off against fearsome and feisty monsters and relieve them of their loot. Explore a fun and engaging 2D world, seeking further adventure and discovery. Advance your character as you explore and adventure. And, above all else, collect and wear a bunch of really cool hats! Fantasy World is a classic 2D side-scroller filled with things to do, alone or with friends. Wherever you choose to go, remember your hat!

Fantasy World Key Features

Play Your Way - You can play Fantasy World in your favorite web browser, or, for improved performance, download and play it as a traditional client-based game.

Loads Of Choices - Take your pick from five fantastic races, train a wide selection of skills such as fishing, mining, and woodcutting, and make the character you want to play.

Unashamedly Grindy - The core of Fantasy World is PVE, facing off against monsters to take their stuff. For those who like some variety, fear not; PvP, Quests, and other content are in the works!

Fight And Explore - Explore a side-scrolling fantasy world in search of monsters to overcome and treasure to win. You can play alone, or team up with friends! There are lots of areas to explore.

Advance And Grow - You can improve your character's stats as you adventure and gain experience. These improvements can enhance your abilities and unlock new ones.

Collect Cool Hats - Customize your appearance and stats with different hats and weapons. They change your appearance as well as your stats, so the right one is much more than a matter of style!