FarSide is a battle royale style shooter where players fight one another with weaponry and wits to be the last one standing in an ever shrinking arena. Players begin the battle by parachuting into the FarSide arena, a remote island that serves as battleground for the contest, where they must quickly search for weapons and supplies if they hope to survive. Loads of different weaponry, vehicles, armor, and other helpful items are stashed all over the island, and finding and using them are key to victory. As the battle wages on, the size of the arena shrinks, forcing remaining players into ever closer confines until there is only one combatant left standing!

FarSide Key Features

Get In Gear - FarSide allows limitless use of vehicles, enabling players to get from one side of the vast arena to the other quickly. You can even run over an enemy or two if the chance presents itself.

Shooting Physics - Realistic weapon recoil, parabolic bullet trajectory, and other physical factors make shooting as much of an art as science. You must lead running targets at longer ranges, compensate for bullet drop, and so on.

Huge Arena - The island arena is vast and full of places to explore. Seek out strong points and covered approaches to launch ambushes from, and use terrain to advantage when moving.

Master The Skills - From firearms and driving to swimming and nature, your character has a wide array of skills to master and use. Use your character's skills and your own wits to win the day.