Fate/Grand Order is a free to play mobile RPG and CCG hybrid based on the popular Japanese visual novel Fate/stay night. In Fate/Grand Order, players take on the role of a "Master" who engages in turn-based battles where they summon minions known as "Servants" to fight their foes. Players build teams of six servants and use their teams strengths as well as tactical options presented via the use of a hand of CCG like cards to win battles and advance the story. The story is presented in a visual novel like format, just like the source material. Along the way is plenty of storyline to experience and discover, centered both around the master as well as around the various minions.

Fate/Grand Order Key Features

Immersive Storyline - As you play through the game, you learn the tale of the world, the masters, and the servants. Importantly and excitingly, every servant has their own storyline, providing loads of immersive gameplay to enjoy.

Strategic Gameplay - You build a team of six servants, 3 active and 3 in reserve, who you command in turn based battles. In addition, you have a deck comprised of 5 special cards for each servant, with 30 cards in total. These cards represent special abilities and attacks your minions can execute during battles.

Combos Abound - Playing 3 similar cards in one turn allows you to execute a special powerful ability known as a Chain, which gives a bonus to the abilities played. If all 3 cards belong to the same servant, an extra powerful ability is added on at the end, allowing very powerful attacks and specials to be performed.