Fear the Wolves is a battle royale style shooter that drops players, alone or in squads, into the overgrown and radiation-ravaged landscape of Chernobyl. A true Battle Royale game, players are forced to fight to the last man out of a starting pool of 100 fighters. To win, players need to worry about dangers that include other players, deadly radiation anomalies, and rapidly changing weather. Day changes to night, forcing players to change up their tactics to survive. To fully explore, players will need to locate protective gear, and to fight for their lives, they must locate weapons and combat equipment. Other players hunt you. The howls of mutated creatures pierce the night. Can you survive?

Fear The Wolves Key Features

Alone Or Together - Players can enter as lone wolves, or they can fight as part of a team. Fight as a coordinated squad, using tactics and teamwork. When solo, pick your fights and use cover; a lone warrior might be able to travel unnoticed by most enemies.

Danger Abounds - The ravaged and ruined landscape around Chernobyl is full of dangers, from lethal mutated animals to radiation. Of course, the most pressing matter is the 99 other players trying to kill you.

Start With Nothing - You begin with only your wits, and you will need them to survive. Scavenge for weapons and equipment, use the landscape to your advantage, and choose your fights carefully. The winner is the person who best handles all challenges, not the person who just has the best aim.