FeArea is a science fiction action and combat MMO with MOBA esque features where you battle it out with high tech robots, vehicles, and more. Take control of a wide array of armored vehicles, powerful combat robots, and high tech combat machines. You can test your skills in combat against other players from all over the world, or if you prefer, you can fight against AI bots and practice your tactics. You have a wide array of powerful weapons at your disposal, and the more you fight, the more weapons you will unlock. Improve your vehicle, recruit and train your crew, and get into fast paced sci-fi battles!

FeArea Key Features

Choose Your Weapon - Take your pick of five different types of combat vehicles. Tanks, robots, and combat machines, each featuring unique gameplay options, await. Will you focus on one, or try and master them all?

Team Based Matches - Enter into 5 vs 5 matches in a variety of gameplay modes. Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and other modes await! Or, if you prefer, you can take on AI opponents and practice your skills, or team up with AI allies!

Advance Your Skills - Upgrade your vehicles and crew as you fight and advance. Not only can your vehicles and gear improve, but you can actually see the improvements! Your vehicle's model will change as you upgrade it.

Realistic Environment - Fight in a dynamic and beautiful world, where you can actually interact with objects. Drive right through a building and smash it beneath you as you charge toward your enemies.