Felspire is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG for your browser that aims to leave the grind behind and let you dive straight in to the action, whether you wish to PvP or join up with friends to conquer the games many dungeons and world bosses. The choice is yours.

At the beginning of time, no body knows how the world was created nor how it devolved into utter chaos. When the Gods came to this world, some of them brought order and prosperity and the others brought disorder and war. The devastating war between the Gods had consumed most of their power. The Gods eventually abandoned this world. Peace and security were absent following the Gods’ abrupt departure. In desperation, faithless people started to fight against each other. The once prosperous world is in chaos again. Dark creatures and demons from the abyss also began to invade human’s world.

Luckily, a few men of uncommon valor and fortitude have decided to join hands and fight against the evil creatures to bring peace back to the world once again. You are one of them. Good luck.

Felspire Key Features

Classes - Players will initially be able to choose between three classes. Each class can be advanced four times -- resulting in fifteen different specifications in total. When you decide it's time to advance to a new specification you'll be tasked with passing class-specific quests, functioning like proficiency tests. Once you complete those quests your character can transfer to a newer, more specialized role.

Customization - You can customize your appearance and enhance your abilities by equipping some of the 100,000 different pieces of gear that exist in Eremos. You can equip your character with 20 different tiers of gear - or you can mix and match to give yourself the unique appearance and notoriety you desire.

Skills - Each player will have a set of active and passive abilities which can be upgraded with skill points and special tomes that can be acquired throughout the journey. Picking the right skillsets will be crucial to your success in Felspire - as some skills are geared towards PvE and some skills are specialized for PvP gameplay.

PvP - It's every man (or woman!) for themselves in the Felspire PvP arena (Babel). You'll be free to roam around the arena, collect buffs, and slay rival players at will. Buffs are stackable, so collecting enough buffs will enable you to dispatch other fighters with just a single hit. Other player's kill streaks are visible to everyone, meaning you'll be able to single out or avoid the biggest threats in the arena.

Auto-Questing - This nifty addition can automatically slay monsters, collect loot, and is even able to sell items from your bag when it has reached its capacity. This feature can be turned on or off - leaving it up to you to decide when to take the reins.

Group Content - Felspire offers a plethora of dungeons and world bosses for you to hone your skills and earn epic loot. In the early phases of the game you'll find that some of these dungeons and bosses can be done solo. As the game progresses, however, you'll need to gather a group of trustworthy companions to take down the more formidable mobs and bosses.