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FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4

FIFA Online 4 is a massively multiplayer online sports simulation game using a next generation engine for unprecedented control and realism. The widely anticipated sequel to 2012’s FIFA Online 3, Electronic Arts and Nexon have used those 5 years to compile data, collect feedback from players, and ensure FIFA Online 4 is the most realistic and dynamic FIFA game to date. Every kick, every goal, every card, every uniform will be delivered in a graphical fidelity that needs to be seen to be believed. Take control of your footballer with controls optimized for ease of play, precision, and accuracy.

FIFA Online 4 Key Features

Immersive Graphics – From wrinkles in uniforms to seats in the stadiums, FIFA Online 4 uses next generation graphics technology to push the limits. Even the weather effects are so real, you’ll feel like you’re in the game.

Designed For Players – EA and Nexon have spent the last 5 years collecting suggestions and feedback from players around the world. They’ve put this feedback to good use to deliver the game that you, the players, demanded!

Control And Realism – Player movements have been redesigned to be more realistic. Controls have been refined to be more precise and dynamic. Even the AI of players has been updated. Every kick, every save, and every step, you’re in complete control.

FIFA Online 4

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