Firefall is a dynamic, open-world free to play MMORPG / shooter with limitless exploration of a vast future Earth, rewarding skilled players as they progress through a deep story. Players will be able to customize their character in a living world that constantly offers new challenges. Fighting for a world forever changed by the Melding, Firefall players customize their battleframes and weaponry, taking the fight to the Chosen to reclaim Earth. With team-based and on-demand quests, Firefall is the first MMO to feature truly dynamic events that appear throughout the game world, offering players new experiences every time they play

Firefall Key Features

Choose Your Battleframe - Choose one of five battleframes, these being the Dreadnaught, the Assault, the Engineer, the Biotech and the Recon. Each battleframe has their own functionality in combat. Switch between various loadouts on the fly, all while in the midst of battle!

Huge Open World - Journey through epic landscapes that are populated with unique creatures and new adventures around every corner. Push back the melding and battle against evil for control of the Earth!

Collect Resources - Venture throughout the world and collect valuable materials along the way by extracting resources from the Earth and decimating the creatures that stand in your way. Use them to create new weapons and abilities, gear, warframes, and more.

Proceedurally Generated Content - Ares jobs are obtainable from Job Boards throughout the world. These jobs provide an on-demand narrative-driven content that is repeatable and dynamically generated.

Experience The Story - Participate in an episodic campaign that advances the Firefall story and begins to unravel the mysteries behind the Melding. Team up with up to 4 other players in the instanced missions, and earn even more epic rewards when you replay the content in 'Hardcore' mode.

Defend Your Turf - Fight against other players for control of different bases on a gigantic continent where no law exists. Join a team in their attempt to secure valuable resources either by gathering their own or seizing those others have acquired via a fight to the death.

Take On The Titans - Group up and enter a Titan's lair, if you dare. Defeat these legendary creatures for rare items and bragging rights.