First Hero is a free to play epic real time strategy game for mobile devices, which lets players collect and use a vast roster of heroes from all over the world. Once you've assembled a team of heroes, you can lead them into dynamic strategic battles! Build your base and fortify its defenses. Assemble a team of heroes by recruiting legendary warriors from round the world. Build your forces up and collect a variety of rewards from winning battles. Then, take control of your heroes in epic battles for fame, glory, and more! Join alliances with other players, or go it alone. Enjoy real time battles anytime, anywhere, in First Hero!

First Hero Key Features

Collect Heroes - You command heroes and warriors from all around the world, from George Washington to Genghis Khan. Each of your heroes will bring unique abilities to the table, so use them wisely and play to your strengths!

Expand Your Domain - You fight for glory and honor, but also for a variety of rewards. Of these rewards, the most valuable is more land! Expand your domain as you fight and win to further your influence and grow in strength.

Form An Alliance - First Hero is an online game, and at its heart is about battling against and alongside other players. Form an alliance with your friends, and work together to build and strengthen an empire.