Fog of War is an action packed tactical multiplayer first-person shooter with a story based on the events on the Eastern Front during World War II. Fight in fearsome, strategic battles with a variety of vehicles, including artillery, tanks, transportation units, and more. Early on a quiet Sunday morning, on June 22, 1941, Germany, with the support of its allies - Italy, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Slovakia - suddenly launch an all out attack on the Soviet Union, beginning what would become known as the Great Patriotic War or the Second World War, depending on which side you fought. Enjoy multiple game modes as you play through the battles of this hectic, hellish war.

Fog Of War Key Features

Earn Medals, Ranks, And Awards - Whoever you choose to play with you will earn experience points. You can gain this points by increasing the level of your account,developing your skills and completing daily quests. Further, for the experience earned by your character you can purchase any additional features. You can earn special rewards and medals too!

Choose Your Character - You can play the game alone or with your friends. Occupy strategic positions, move by feet or take transport. You may join existing groups or create your own, use any techniques and teach them to your allies. Each character has unique set of weapons and transportation, you can use any of them. But you need to benefit your team!

Content And Cosmetic Updates - During the game you can unlock anything that affects the process of the play. Varieties of items, will be available to purchase: jewelry, additional content or media content, or anything else. But opportunities to influence the gameplay will not.