For Honor is an action combat hack-and-slash game set in the Medieval period, where players engage in fierce hand to hand combat and attempt to fight their way to victory in this semi-historical, competitive, third-person game where strategy, speed, and teamwork are equally important in the pursuit of victory. Players in For Honor can choose to fight for one of three factions with unique approaches to combat, philosophies, and backgrounds. Will you choose to play as one of the Warborn, the fearsome seafaring raiders from the north, or as an armored member of the Legions, fighting for kingdom and country against all invaders? Whatever path you choose, prepare for battle; only the strong survive!

For Honor Key Features

Knights, Samurai, And Vikings - For Honor offers players a choice of three different historical character types to play - a knight, a samurai, or a Viking - and the player may then customize their character's appearance, choose their gender, and select the look of their armor. Will you be a hulking Viking or a knight in shining armor?

Dynamic Combat System - For Honor immerses players in the fight with the innovative Art of Battle system, a system which lets you feel the force of a blow, the inertia and weight of a weapon, the impact of a strike on a helmet or shield; this system provides a whole new dimension of experience to the player, conveying the chaos and carnage of fierce hand to hand combat.

Breathtaking Graphics - For Honor takes advantage of the processing power of modern hardware, rendering characters and environments in stunning detail; the beauty of the surroundings deepens the experience and provides quite a contrast to the carnage and brutality of combat.