Forgotten Elements is a totally free hack and slash action MMORPG and was developed with JAVA. You can choose from among four character classes and dive into the world around Telumin, consisting of many areas and randomly generated dungeons. As you adventure, you can collect thousands of different items and teach your character mighty skills and enhancements. You can also combine your skills with those from other classes and duel other players with a unique strategy. Select your character and start your adventure with this Free Action MMORPG!

Forgotten Elements Key Features

Choose Your Class - Select from the tough Rampager, the versatile and experienced Huntress, the mystical Elementalist, and the Shaman, who wields the power of nature.

Get The Loots - In Forgotten Elements you have the chance to find an infinite amount of different items. Slay monsters or solve Quests to achieve some of the greatest items you can find in the game! From mundane to legendary, treasures await discovery.

Skill Based Advancement - Each character class has 24 different skills (=total of 96 skills). During the game you are able to learn up to 7 character skills and 3 skills from other classes. The skills can be trained and improved, while using them in battle.

PvP Combat - Test your mettle against other players from all over the world. Do you have the guts and skill to enter the hardest of fights?