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Formicide Formicide Formicide Formicide Formicide Formicide Formicide Formicide Screenshot Alpha Attack Formicide Screenshot Alpha Cave Formicide Screenshot Alpha Electric Formicide Screenshot Alpha Fire Formicide Screenshot Alpha Flowers Formicide Screenshot Alpha Ninja


Formicide is a fast paced online 2D action platformer with destructible terrain and fearsome, bloodthirsty cartoon ants! Players choose a class and set off for fun, and glory, and explosions, as they face enemies and fight alongside friends and teammates in a fully destructible environment. Formicide is a complete online game experience, with a focus on fun gameplay and fast paced, easy to access multiplayer action, anytime; players can drop in and out of games at their leisure, and play with and against players from all over the world, guaranteeing that you will never need to wait in a lengthy queue for a game to begin!

Formicide Game Features

Many Classes – Formicide offers players a variety of classes to choose from, each with different skills and strengths; the tough soldier, the chaotic fire ant, and the cloaking hunter are a few of the playable classes!

Team Based Objectives – A focus on team play and cooperation adds to the fun of Formicide; work together with teammates and friends to control beacons and win the match!

Destructible Environments – Use the environment to your advantage, or change it until it does offer an advantage! Blow up obstacles and create holes and walls to offer cover from enemies

Focus On Casual Play – Drop in, drop out servers mean that you can play when it’s convenient for you… and leave when you’d like!



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