Forsaken Legends is a sandbox MMORPG in which you battle the forces of evil in endless procedural worlds, dungeons, and more, alone or with friends! Players in Forsaken Legends are able to claim plots of land, craft tons of gear and items, create massive bases, collect pets and mounts, explore an endless procedural world with multiple biomes, fight massive world bosses, engage in PvE or PvP battles, and much, much more. Band together with allies to explore, fight, and adventure throughout this persistent and versatile land, and maybe you can even defeat the Forsaken once and for all!

Forsaken Legends Key Features

Persistent World - Explore a huge persistent world where everything you do actually makes a mark! If you cut a tree down, it will not magically reappear the next time you walk by. Procedural and vast, the world will never stop surprising players!

Virtual Economy - Participate in a supply and demand driven player run economy, and make - or lose - a fortune. Players can travel between cities across the vast world, buying low and selling high!

Crafting Skills - Players will have a wide variety of skills available to them, ranging from blacksmiths to enchanters. Players can also level up other skills, such as fishing, cooking, skinning, foraging, and more!

Procedural Loot - Not only are the worlds procedural, so is the loot you can find! All items are based off of a standard base item. Upon a player being awarded an item, we randomly generate bonus stats for that item and assign it to the player.

PvP, PvE, Hardcore - The game is divided into quadrants for PvE, PvP, and Hardcore modes of play, so everyone can find a risk level that suits their tastes!

Freeform Character Advancement - Skill-based character progression and gear that impacts your stats makes for an extremely versatile character development system. You can create the character who does exactly what you want, simply by doing what you want.