Foxhole is a massively multiplayer top down shooter and strategy game where you work with hundreds of players to shape the outcome of a persistent online war. Players ARE the content in this sandbox war game. Every individual soldier is a player that contributes to the war effort through logistics, base building, reconnaissance, combat, and more. Step into an alternate timeline universe where the world wars never ended and the world has been in conflict for over a hundred years. From firing a rifle to running a weapons factory, every job matters, and every job is performed by a player. What role will you play?

Foxhole Key Features

Player Directed Warfare - Every element of this persistent war is player driven. Every soldier is a player, every base or factory is built by players, and every victory or defeat is because of players.

Persistent World - Your character, and your actions, are persistent. Gain fame and notoriety that will stay with you. Plan strategies which take days or weeks to execute. Fight for control of territory. The things you do today will impact what happens tomorrow.

Realistic Warfare - Supply lines and tactics are just as important as accurate fire and quick reflexes. Your ammunition and supplies are limited. The terrain, the time of day, and the weather will impact your options. Here, skills and strategic thinking matter more than XP and kill counts.