Fractured Lands is a Battle Royale shooter set in a Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic wasteland of souped up cars, guns, rocks, and sand. Unlike most Battle Royale style shooters, however, in Fractured Lands your weapons are not your best defense and offense; your car is. Your souped up battle ride is your lifeline. Your weapon. Your armor. Your ticket out of this hellhole. Run down your enemies if they get in your way and stay ahead of the competition. Or, disembark and lie in wait with a shotgun around a corner or a rifle on a rooftop. However, the radioactive storm on the horizon never stops encroaching, so don't stray too far from your wheels!

Fractured Lands Key Features

Last One Standing - Can you be the lone survivor in an arena of road warriors hell-bent on destruction? Start your engine, hit the gas and drive to survive. Collect weapons, play it smart, and you just might be the winner.

Post Apocalyptic Setting - This is not just Chernarus part XVI. This is a wasteland of rocks and radiation, of sandstorms and rusted steel. Death can come in an instant, so beware every engine sound, every footstep, every shadow.

Turn The Key - Your vehicle is your best chance at survival. Upgrade it with powerful weapons. Trash enemy vehicles in vehicular combat. Run down those foolish enough to get in your way, and keep that engine turning!

Get Out And Fight - Your car is your lifeline, but cars need gas and you need gear, and that means getting out of the driver's seat. Sooner or later, you'll have to lock and load, and start pulling triggers.