Fragmented is a sci-fi survival action shooter with RPG elements and is free to all players who have already purchased its predecessor, the Repopulation. Fragmented is an action oriented game, with a larger emphasis on exciting aspects of survival games such as combat and pursuit. Fragmented features no mission system or questing; instead, the focus is simply on first and/or third person sci-fi shoot em up action. Players can create private servers and set the gameplay parameters within them, or they can play on the official servers with players from all around the world.

Fragmented Key Features

Survive - While set in the Repopulation universe, the events in Fragmented take place much earlier in the timeline. Players step into the shoes of the first colonists to arrive on this hostile new world, and it is up you to preserve the human race! Scrounge for supplies and weapons, build shelter, and be ready to fight for your life at a moment's notice. Harvest, craft, build, survive!

Overcome - Fragmented features both PvE and PvP content, with different game modes to allow for PvE Only, PvP Only, Permadeath, or Accrued Advancement modes. Fight alone or with others against the planet's dangers, or fight against others for the ultimate reward; staying alive!

Advance - Characters in accrued advancement mode will level up their skills as time goes by; level up your combat and crafting skills and become more capable in all areas of play. Train mounts and pets, obtain vehicles, and even build advanced cities and settlements!